Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 02 mug used Zach's fiddle for the design.

The fourth edition in 03 was taken from a photo of Cindy playing her banjo.

Since we didn't have a mandolin player in the family,
used a good friend and talented musician, Mackie Red
for the 04 edition.

My own hands and dulcimer were the subject for the 05 mug.
For some reason, we didn't get a poster made that year.

2006 commemorated the 20th anniversary for Stage 5 which is
built on the back of an awesome farm truck. Their banner
proclaimed "Hopelessly Lost at C" which explained the
"20 yrs at C" which unfortunately was lost on most
people! The photo was taken on my newly painted
1950 Chevy pickup.

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